Childlike Faith

I knew God when I was in Primary 3. I had a bunch of friends, and we grew up knowing God together. Every Saturday morning, we will have children bible study lessons together. We prayed and worship God together too.  we were very young and we prayed for funny funny things lol! but God was really our everything. (:

I remember crying out to God every time my parents quarrelled, every time I felt alone. I really believe with all my heart that He is able.

I remember always feeling so grateful to God! Every time something good happen to me, the first thing I would do is to thank God. I really believe with all my heart that all good things comes from above.

I remember every time I prayed, the first thing I would do is to thank Him for dying on the cross for me and for His blood that washed away all my sins.

I remember that childlike faith we all had… Though among these friends, a lot of them stopped believing… I’m so glad that God you found me again in 2012.. (: Father I pray that You will always, always be my everything!




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