Whatever You Feed, Grows.


Whatever you feed, grows.

Charleston preached about having spiritual hunger last weekend. It was so powerful because I felt God nudging me in the different areas of my life… If I feed my life with my own desires and pleasures, my appetite for it will grow. There will be no room for the great.

Spiritual hunger is really an appetite that can be awaken. So inspired to pray like how Pastor would.

“God, give me a word equal to my day. Give me the strength that is equal to the challenges that is ahead of me today..”

Have been starting my day with this prayer everyday since Monday! Want to know His ways, His plans, His heart a little bit more. (:

Also… Felt God telling me that I must never grow complacent.. What may seem as a norm to us is a miracle to others. The presence of God we have in church every weekend, and even in CGs, the miracles that happened over H&M services…

May i never lose the wonder! 


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