My Favourite View

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Worship Songs, Bible, Notebook ! 🙂



God I can feel You here.. Years ago, nights like these used to be filled with emotions, negative thoughts.. Years ago, nights like these I worry about the present and I fear the future..

“In Your presence there is fullness of joy” – Psalm 16:11

“For all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

Life is not perfect now, but somehow I just know I don’t have to fear anymore and I am never alone. There’s an unexplainable assurance and peace in my heart about this life. My eyes seemed to be lifted up.. all that I see is not just myself anymore, but my eyes have been lifted up to the heavens and to others.

God, I thank You for a life that is not just my own anymore.

It’s a long journey ahead, but I’m so glad I don’t dread life like I did in the past. I’m excited for every weekend’s service, excited to discovering You more, excited to love others more.. excited to live out everyday for You, and live out the plans You have for me.

Thankful for You God, thankful for Heart of God Church, thankful for people who were here with me all these while!





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