Never felt THIS privileged to be part of something before..

When i stepped into Imaginarium for the first time, a wave of reverence and fear of God flooded my heart… Had a revelation of how powerful and real God is in this place… and I could feel how precious this premise is… it is built by the sacrifices, the tears, the sweat of SPs and the people.

Would be so upset if someone comes and take this place for granted.. the floor we’re stepping on and the chairs we’re sitting on, they’re all so precious.

Over the past week there was one word that kept resounding in my head,

“Privileged… privileged.. privileged…”

Felt so so privileged to even just be able to be part of the shift… felt so privileged to be packing, cleaning up and serving on opening day. Saw how hard everyone worked for the New Home. New premise, but still the same heart to serve and love God. So proud to be part of Heart of God Church.

Will never take this place for granted. Can’t wait to serve God in bigger ways in this place  🙂





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