850636971_15068659053002683159“Crises always reveal a person’s true character” 

It is not the crisis that builds something within us – it simply reveals what we are made of already.  Am I ready when crisis comes? Sometimes in the valleys I find it hard picking myself up and just fight the battle… I guess this reflects my private relationship with God! Wanna gain back my spiritual fitness, and spend more good effective time with God under the fig tree this season so I will be ready when life throws me the next battle! God sees the ‘behind the scenes’Prayers with power, worship with sincerity, bible reading with spiritual understanding. 🙂

“The price of God’s presence is time” – SP Lia

“a fig tree without fruit is like
prayer without power;
Worship without spirit;
Singing without sincerity;
Bible reading with no spiritual understanding;
A form of godliness denying its power;
It becomes a religion without God.”
 -SP How

Thank God for HOGC.. and SPs teachings that always bring me back to my basics.. (:


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